Strain Improvement & Development

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We use our technology platform to optimize strains in order to improve economics for our customers.

At Zymergen, we engineer biology predictably, reliably and to a level of performance previously unattainable through traditional R&D. We work with Fortune 500 companies that span industries, including chemical and materials, agriculture, and healthcare.


Zymergen works with our customers to improve the economics of existing industrial fermentation products. Our platform enables us to build improvements into their existing production strains within their existing manufacturing processes. We augment our customers’ capabilities and help them get more out of their existing capital assets. Zymergen has a track record of improving capital utilization for customers’ existing products, accelerating time-to-market for new products, and delivering significant cost
reductions for both.

From the Lab to Full-Scale Manufacturing

Historically, predicting the performance of strains at manufacturing levels of production based on small-scale models has been prone to failure. Our platform improves the correlation between the lab and full-scale commercial manufacturing, reducing risk and timelines for our customers.