We partner with nature to create never before imagined products and material. Watch how.

Zymergen Our Story: How Biofacturing Makes Tomorrow

An End-to-End Illustration of The Most Amazing Company You’ve Never Heard Of

Janet Masten PyCon 2018
Senior Data Scientist Janet Masten talks about programming microbes at PyCon 2018

Zach Serber presents “Biodesign in the Era of Automation,” April 2, 2019

Take a look at our breakthrough polyimide film for electronics

Introducing Reconfigurable Automation Carts: How Biology Benefits From Robots

Bloomberg TV, December 14, 2018

Amelia Taylor presents “Robots, Biology and Unsupervised Model Selection” at PyBay, August 2018

Jonas Neubert presents “Zebras and Lasers – A Crash Course on Barcodes with Python” at PyBay, August 2018

Josh Hoffman, our CEO, blows your mind with a look at how we are kick starting the next industrial revolution using biology. Josh takes the stage at 16:40 and returns for a panel discussion at the 45:00 mark. May 2, 2018, Global Conference.

Aaron Kimball presents ‘Merging Data Science with Biological Insight’ at RAAIS 2019. 


Danielle Chou presents “Using Jupyter at the Intersection of Robots and Industrial Biology” at JupyterCon, August 25, 2017

Zach Serber presents “Designing a Million Genomes: Using Biology to Create New ‘Impossible’ Materials” at DARPA Wait, What? A Future Technology Forum, September 9, 2015

Josh Hoffman on “The Next Big Thing in Bio Tech,” Silicon Valley Bank Next2 Entrepreneur Series

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