Our platform combines technology and biology to replace the hypothesis-driven method. We take a systematic test-everything, data-driven approach, letting the data speak for itself.


The Design-Build-Test-Analyze-Learn (DBTAL) cycle guides our work as we improve the performance of the microbes we engineer. Our algorithms generate specific proposed designs for biological systems, which we then build and test in our factory. Using our proprietary software, we analyze the data to identify areas of interest to further refine our design strategy for subsequent DBTAL cycles. The integration of machine learning and biology allows us to systematically and efficiently explore the design space. We thereby obtain breakthrough results that are not always foreseeable, but nonetheless achievable and repeatable as a function of our integrated DBTAL approach.


Zymergen has proven capability to work on the full range of microbes currently used for industrial production. In addition to classic hosts such as S. cerevisiae and E. coli, we work in filamentous fungi, as well as a range of yeasts, gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria. Our host-agnostic platform provides flexibility not seen in the most sophisticated labs. This unique capability allows us to work with customers already committed to a particular host type and latitude when developing novel products.