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Shawn Manchester


During grad school I saw one of the founders of Zymergen speak about their work to create an automated strain engineering platform. It was a classic moment of: "I’m doing everything wrong and I need to be doing that."

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vice president, materials development

I was attracted to working at Zymergen for the opportunity to help expand the pallet of building blocks available to material scientists, beyond what the petrochemical industry currently provides, opening the door to a new material innovations.

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Barbara Frewen

software engineer

I was struck by the diligent, thoughtful approach everyone at Zymergen takes to their work. It's a great mix of ambitious goals and a practical plan for reaching them.

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Jessica McKinley

director, development

Zymergen was the perfect opportunity to return to my technical roots, leading customer facing teams while simultaneously contributing to building an exciting business.

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