Expanding chemical space to drug challenging disease targets

Natural products are among the most important drugs on the market, and advances in metagenomics, machine learning, and synthetic biology are transforming how they are discovered and developed. 

Our Advantage

Our unparalleled platform has potential to enable higher quality and diversity of drug candidates for challenging, difficult-to-drug disease targets.

By expanding and enriching accessible chemical space, our platform enables not just discovery of small molecule modulators but also enables targeted protein degradation, antibody-drug conjugates, and other therapeutic strategies.

The Zymergen

  • Our metagenomic database provides access to an untapped universe of novel chemical matter.
  • Proprietary data science tools predict molecules with bioactivity against specific proteins of interest.
  • Zymergen’s synthetic biology platform enables us to make complex molecules others cannot.
  • Advanced chemoinformatics capabilities enable modeling of protein interactions with novel natural products and virtual screening.
  • Synthetic biology analoging tools combined with synthetic chemistry have the potential to derisk and accelerate lead optimization.


Our platform combines our three core competencies — metagenomics, machine learning, and synthetic biology.


Our metagenomic database is one of the largest of its kind – providing us unique access to millions of novel bioactives.


Our proven ML tools search and enrich for the most promising chemical candidates, going from millions of potential leads to dozens in weeks, all in silico.

Image depicting machine learning on a complex network of nodes
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Our proprietary synthetic biology platform can engineer microbes to make a wide range of complex compounds across a wide range of biological hosts.



Unmet patient need in oncology is extremely high and innovation is critical to improve outcomes. We are focusing on well-validated synthetic lethal targets where our chemistry provides a competitive advantage.


Our platform is applicable to a broad range of therapeutic targets. We are open to partnering with global leaders on targets of mutual interest. The first step in our process is to conduct an in silico target feasibility assessment. 


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March 6, 2022

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January 9, 2022

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