Many biotech breakthroughs are stuck at the lab bench because existing lab automation solutions are unreliable, inflexible, and don’t scale. Zymergen Automation is a modular turnkey workflow solution—software + hardware + applications development + ongoing support—so you can focus on experimentation, not automation.


Zymergen Automation Cart side on view

Day-to-day flexibility to configure workcells for NGS, drug discovery, genomics, diagnostics, microbiology, and more.

Zymergen Automation Cart three-quarter view

Scalability that grows with you and your solution space.

Screenshot of native cloud control panel software.

Native cloud environment for easy control and fast service.

wo Zymergen Automation Carts linked together, top-down view

Seamless instrument integration for your full workflow needs.


Eleven Automation Carts with differing configurations.


Reconfigurable Automation Carts (RACs) are the building blocks of our lab automation. Assemble your RACs for any application, any room, and any capability to automate your end-to-end workflow in days, not months.


Automation Control Software (ACS) is our modular, cloud-based software to control integrated automation systems. ACS schedules workflows, collects scientific and process data (instrument performance, utilization, plate data, etc.), and monitors progress — all remotely.


Native cloud environment enables remote teams and higher service levels. Less human intervention reduces error and increases safety and repeatability. Hot-swap instruments without interrupting in-process work. Resolve errors and queue up work remotely.


No central hardware bottlenecks. Interleaved protocols, automatic load balancing, and advanced scheduling mean more instrument uptime and multiples of productivity. RAC systems get more efficient as they grow.

Zymergen Automation Carts in a lab

Full features and advantages –
Zymergen Automation

Modular and composable
  • Flexible automation lets you prototype and adapt to your lab’s day-to-day needs. Merge, split, or move systems. Always be at the right level of automation.
  • Systems can take any shape to fit the room or rooms. Not sensitive to uneven floors.
  • Seamlessly integrate mixed instruments into entire workflows with automatic load balancing and in-line redundancy. Easy to onboard existing equipment and new instruments, on request.
  • Modern web-based software to collect all scientific and process data. Track instrument performance, plate history, utilization, and more.
  • Launch protocols, resolve errors, receive notifications, and monitor the system easily and fully remotely.
  • Software as modular as the hardware enables reconfigurability, increases robustness, and allows for scale.
  • ACS works with your lab flow. Configurable with your LIMS, workflow manager, or database. Or all of the above.
Reliable and robust
  • Hardware architecture means errors scale linearly rather than exponentially, resulting in fewer errors, especially on larger systems.
  • Engineered for easy error correction and simple, remote process restart.
  • Cloud architecture. Our support scales better and we can offer a Managed Detection and Response tier of support.
  • High uptime. Take instruments offline individually without interrupting in-process work. Swap instruments easily.
  • Safe. In addition to estops on every RAC, tunnels over the collaborative track, enclosed robots, and door interlocks, RACS benefit from far less human intervention in general, which also means less contamination.
  • RAC systems can be moved across town, reactivated, and running workflows in a single afternoon.
Efficient - more science per dollar (per square foot and per instrument)
  • Distributed transport means no central arm to become a throughput bottleneck.
  • Interleaved protocols mean you can run many protocols at once. No new systems needed for new workflows. Existing workflows get more efficient as your system grows.
  • Interleaved protocols + load balance systems + distributed transport + advanced scheduling = higher instrument utilization.

A high-throughput automated lab that could be reconfigured in minutes and would scale to fill a factory didn’t exist.

So we built one.


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