High-performance, bio-inspired materials and products

The digital revolution has transformed our lives, but advances in our physical world have lagged behind. Zymergen’s biomanufacturing platform partners with nature to discover and create next-generation materials and products with less environmental impact.

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Our Value Proposition

Zymergen’s biomanufacturing platform unlocks nature’s solutions for:

  • Better, and more sustainable high performance materials
  • Faster, more efficient product development
  • Streamlined manufacturing processes
  • Resilient, high-quality supply chain


Additive Manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing

High-performance polymers for additive manufacturing to unlock new capabilities in aerospace, automotive, transportation, and more.

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Agricultural products to address opportunities and challenges of the world food supply, including bio-based fertilizer sources, pest management, and climate resilience.

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Novel films, adhesives, composites and coatings, to help electronics manufacturers unlock differentiated designs, superior performance, and more sustainable product lines.

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Healthcare Materials

Healthcare Materials

Highly specialized materials and inputs for therapeutics, diagnostics, and more, beginning with key enzymes for mRNA vaccines.

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Bio-inspired solutions for paper-based food packaging that’s not only greener, but also potentially gives customers a better experience than existing materials.

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Emerging Areas

Emerging Areas

High-value products in consumer care, food, and more that are natural, more sustainable, and don’t compromise on performance.

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Zymergen’s biomanufacturing platform offers competitive advantages in quality, speed, and efficiency:

  • One of the world’s largest collection of accessible biomolecules
  • In silico and empirical selection of the best materials candidates
  • Data and automation driven microbe optimization
  • A synthetic biology platform capable of making complex molecules others cannot

Our Partners

We partner with leading innovators across industries to bring advanced materials solutions to market


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