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Global Initiatives

Let’s face it, our planet is facing challenges on a global scale, the likes of which have never been seen before. These challenges require more than just stop-gap remedies—they demand long-term innovative solutions.

We are proving that looking to nature and applying our platform to these problems hold some of the answers. Starting with our global initiative to take on plastic waste, we are dedicated to solving these problems, in ways both substantial and sustainable to our planet’s health.


From infectious disease to oncology, we are actively engaged in multiple projects designed to discover and produce new therapeutic treatments in novel ways. Our goals are to enable developing economies to take ownership of their drug supply and to significantly increase patient access to life-saving therapeutics. 

By leveraging our genomic library, data science, and our high throughput platform, Zymergen is redefining the approach to drug discovery. We aim to dramatically reduce the time to clinical trials and increase the efficiency and ease of manufacturing breakthrough therapeutics.


The world’s food supply is under threat from increased populations, depleted food sources, and environmentally harmful production methods. The time is now for innovative solutions in how we produce food.

With Zymergen’s biology engineering platform we are unlocking previously inaccessible or unaffordable food and nutrition solutions. From novel ingredients to alternative proteins developed through biology-driven methods, Zymergen looks to dramatically transform the way we feed the world in sustainable ways.


Plastic is everywhere. It wraps our food, protects our packages, and encloses the things we buy. It’s also challenging to recycle and near impossible to break down.

We are tackling the packaging problem with our biology-led approach. This enables us to create superior packaging to existing options, while making it easier to recycle or break down, and to minimize the resources needed to make it.


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