Zymergen is a science and material innovation company rethinking biology and reimagining the world. A World Economic Forum Tech Pioneer, Zymergen partners with nature to create never-before-imagined materials and products across industries —from agriculture to electronics, personal care to pharmaceuticals, and more.

Using a powerful combination of biology, machine learning, data science and automation, the company’s proprietary metagenomic library helps catalyze new discoveries. Zymergen’s revolutionary process produces better performing bio-based materials in a way which is faster, less expensive, more efficient and more sustainable for Fortune 1000 companies and major corporations across the globe. Its partners have sold over $1 billion worth of products using Zymergen innovations and microbial strains.



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An automated Molecular Devices QPix 420 colony picker deposits 96 distinct strains into liquid media for outgrowth and downstream testing.

Two Meca500 six-axis robot arms transfer 384-well plates from a Magnemover Lite magnetic conveyor system into automated thermal cyclers that will perform PCR. They are a small part of our modular automation system composed of Reconfigurable Automation Carts (RACs).

Powered by Zymergen’s custom image analysis pipeline, a Molecular Devices QPix 420 picks microbial colonies from a high-throughput agar plate.

A chemist holds up a sample of Hyaline, a flexible, bio-fabricated film, in one of Zymergen’s test labs.

An automation engineer swaps out an automated thermal cycler on one Zymergen’s Reconfigurable Automation Carts.

Infors HT solid-state fermentation bioreactors that are fully equipped for on-line analysis in our Fermentation suite.

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