Materials for Next-Gen Healthcare Solutions

The next generation of healthcare interventions requires faster, more accurate, and more advanced R&D and biomanufacturing. Our platform can find, help produce, and scale highly specialized materials and inputs for therapeutics, diagnostics, and more. We’re beginning with key enzymes to produce mRNA vaccines, a once-in-a-generation new modality. And that’s just the start.

Key Benefits

Zymergen’s bioengineering platform unlocks biology to:

  • Develop materials with unique functionality to enable new therapeutic activity
  • Deliver a broad range of optimized enzymes and reagents that can expand supply for growing healthcare markets
  • Rapidly innovate process technology for new treatment modalities
  • Build a resilient, high-quality supply chain

Current Products:
VCE and 2′-O-MT

Vials and a single pipette with pink solution

The enzymes: Vaccinia capping enzyme (VCE) and 2′-O-methyltransferase (2’-O-MT) are key enzymes needed to manufacture mRNA vaccines.

The challenge: Produce these enzymes at scale to provide reliable, high-quality supply.

Our approach: In 10 months, our platform drove improvement of our baseline process by 20x through strain and process engineering, significantly exceeding industry benchmarks for soluble protein production.

What’s next: Deploying our core technology to help produce and improve even more enzymes.

Imagine the future
of healthcare with us

What if mRNA is just the start?

scientist holding up a container and smiling

mRNA has unlocked a new class of vaccines. Today, there are 300+ mRNA therapeutic pipeline programs, and there is potential for next-gen nucleic acids—tRNA, oRNA, lncRNA, and more—to address unmet needs across multiple diseases. These modalities will require higher-performance and specialized raw materials to make them available at scale. We’re here to help you design and produce them.

What if we can enable tomorrow’s diagnostics today?

Multiple pipettes dispensing an orange solution

In the era of precision medicine, we’ll need a deeper understanding of a disease to effectively treat it. Doing so requires accurate and readily accessible diagnostics. Whether it’s advancing the field of CRISPR diagnostics or reducing the error rate and cost of sequencing, higher-performance enzymes and reagents can realize a new era of lab workflows for better diagnostics—and more.

Drug Discovery

The same Zymergen platform that produces superior enzymes and reagents can also produce high-quality, diverse drug candidates for challenging, difficult-to-drug disease targets. By expanding and enriching accessible chemical space, our platform enables not just discovery of small molecule modulators but also enables targeted protein degradation, antibody-drug conjugates, and other therapeutic strategies.

  • Our metagenomic database provides access to an untapped universe of novel chemical matter.
  • Our proprietary data science tools predict molecules with bioactivity against specific proteins of interest.
  • Our synthetic biology platform enables us to make complex molecules others cannot.
Vials and a single pipette with pink solution


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