As the world population races to 10 billion people and farmable land quickly decreases, keeping up with increasing food demands is a challenge in need of solutions.


We are developing agriculture products of tomorrow to address the most challenging problems facing the world’s food supply today.

Climate Resilience

As the climate changes, our crops face increasing drought and extreme temperatures. Even if plants can survive in these new conditions, the nutrients that feed them are becoming scarcer. New solutions are needed to make plants more robust, to enable them to capture more nutrients and to make better use of the nutrients they can access.


Feeding a growing population has come at a cost. Pesticide runoff, water-intensive crops, and petrochemical-based fertilizers all take a toll on the health of our people and planet. Healthier and sustainable solutions are not nice-to-haves, they’re must-haves for the future of food.



Crop Protection

To better protect crops, we develop novel proteins for better traits, such as increased crop resiliency against temperature extremes, pests, and disease. We are also discovering products with novel modes of action to target pests and not plants.

Crop Nutrient Uptake

To enhance nutrient use, we are discovering microbes and proteins that enable plants to capture more nutrients, as well as make best use of the nutrients they are provided.

Food Preservation

To minimize food waste, we are uncovering methods to reduce spoilage and prolong food life, and we are exploring biodegradable packaging that decreases waste and keeps food fresh longer.

Animal Nutrition and Health

To maximize animal health, we are working on next-generation animal feed that increases nutritional content while decreasing the need for antibiotics. We are also developing novel modes of action that help protect animals from disease.


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