Aug 7, 2020

Latest Research: You Get What You Screen For

Understanding biology – the world’s greatest manufacturing system – requires a great deal of study. Taking that understanding forward and working alongside biology to make revolutionary new materials requires not only the knowledge, but technology and teamwork as well. Much of what makes Zymergen different is captured in our platform, where biologists, chemists, engineers, technologists and product leaders are able to share their unique expertise, push the boundaries of experimentation, testing and development, and deliver new bio-derived products. As we’ve grown our business, we’ve institutionalized many of these tools and practices, which further accelerates our discovery and development work and helps improve our quality.

In a recent paper published in the Journal of Industrial Microbiology & Biotechnology, we describe test strategies to improve the overall efficiency of high-throughput DBTAL (design-build-test-analyze-learn) cycles at Zymergen by applying principles of fermentation science and physiology, as well as employing data science tools and technologies.  Thorough characterization of the fermentation process, combined with a deep understanding of microbial physiology, enables us to develop test strategies to accurately probe production strains for improved strain performance and to accelerate fermentation process development. 

Zymergen was built at the intersection of biology and technology, and our approach allows us to make differentiated, high performance materials that no one else can. This paper captures years of internal fermentation and strain engineering experience and close cross-departmental collaborative efforts, reflective of Zymergen’s ideology and operating model. 

This effort was led by Kris Tyner and Maren Wehrs from Zymergen’s Test Development Department and supported by Alex Felt, Alexi Goranov, Patrick Harrigan, Stefan de Kok, Sarah Lieder and Jim Vallandingham.

Access the whitepaper here.