Sep 8, 2020

Series D Investments to Accelerate the Products of Tomorrow

by Josh Hoffman, Zymergen Co-Founder and CEO

We’ve got some amazing momentum as a business, and today’s announcement of additional funding is a powerful accelerant. We have $300 million in new investment from Baillie Gifford, Baron Capital and others, as well as returning investors supporting and still several months left in our Series D round. This not only strengthens Zymergen’s financial position, but is further proof that our approach to developing superior products through biology is an unmatched opportunity. 

This new influx fuels the release of products across consumer electronics, agriculture, and consumer care, further accelerating Zymergen’s disruption of the otherwise flat chemical and materials sector. Our Hyaline product will be shipping to key electronics customers in the coming months, and our recently announced collaboration with FMC Corporation is another great example of our innovative development work helping advance real change in the agriculture industry.

The quality of these investors is important to recognize as well. These are not hype-driven investors. They invest in companies and ideas that are wildly transformative, and they recognize that when you are talking about real change, the time horizons are often a bit longer.

To be clear, we aren’t shipping code to make it easier to execute an enterprise workflow or merge all your favorite streaming entertainment apps into a single window. We are making entirely new materials from biology, and delivering them in record time and for exceptionally competitive costs. This takes real science, real labs, real talent, and above all – time.

We’ve spent the last seven years de-risking the process, proving the science and technology work and producing revolutionary materials in an entirely new way. The industry recognizes how good our products are, and investors recognize just how good our position is.

We built Zymergen to make revolutionary hi-performance products that outshine existing materials while dramatically reducing environmental impacts. This is the right investment for this moment, advancing a transformational long-term vision and helping us make real products available today. 

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Series D Investments to Accelerate the Products of Tomorrow