Aug 14, 2020

HYALINE at Display Week 2020

Our HYALINE team spent last week at Display Week 2020 (on their displays, fittingly). Attendees to our virtual booth learned all about our breakthrough polyimide film made for electronics applications by chatting live with our team, watching our video presentation, and browsing spec sheets and other information. If you didn’t make it, we’ve assembled some of the event materials here for you.

Not sure what HYALINE is? Start with this short 1-minute introductory video.

Now take a deep-dive into the world of HYALINE. Watch our 15-minute video presentation by Matt Blom, our Sales Director for Electronics, and Francesco Lemmi, our Films Program Director, to understand how we’ve been able to introduce innovation in a mature product category thanks to our partnership with nature.

Finally, download a PDF brochure so you’ve got all the key facts at your fingertips to read and share.

Download here.

Ready to request a datasheet, sample, or just have more questions about HYALINE? Shoot our Product Sales team a note by clicking here, and we’d be happy to help.

For more information, visit the Hyaline webpage here.