Aug 25, 2020

FMC CTO Kathy Shelton on Finding Innovation in Crop Protection

by Dr. Kathleen Shelton, FMC Chief Technology Officer

Kathy Shelton, CTO of FMC

For more than 130 years, FMC has been rooted in agriculture and innovation. My team of more than 800 scientists and associates are guiding one of the most robust discovery and development pipelines in the industry, fueled by our passion for bringing new crop protection technologies to growers around the world.

With increasing food demand for a growing population and more stringent regulations globally, we’re entering a new era of innovation in agriculture.  FMC has an established and effective molecule discovery process that begins with chemistry. As a leader in science and material innovation, Zymergen manages the largest, most complete metagenomic database in the world and has deep expertise in synthetic biology. This collaboration will enable FMC to develop and use a novel approach to identify, characterize and discover new molecules from natural products in Zymergen’s proprietary library. 

Breakthroughs aren’t born from ordinary processes and both FMC and Zymergen are driven by science innovation. Together, we’ll build upon the ingenuity that has long existed in FMC’s R&D pipeline to develop a new, and faster, natural products discovery process that helps us address consumers’ needs with even greater precision.

About Dr. Kathleen Shelton

Dr. Kathleen Shelton is vice president and chief technology officer of FMC Corporation. As the global leader of the company’s robust discovery and development pipelines, Dr. Shelton leads an organization of nearly 800 scientists located around the world, with laboratories in India, Brazil, France, Denmark and the United States. Under her leadership, the FMC Crop Protection Research and Development organization won the prestigious 2018 Agrow Award for the “Most Innovative Pipeline” in the agricultural industry.

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