Mar 19, 2020

Advancing the Pace of New Material Discovery

by Josh Hoffman, CEO, Zymergen

Earlier today, we publicly announced our acquisition of enEvolv, the global leader in ultra-high throughput microbial screening and engineering. With this acquisition, we will greatly accelerate our delivery of new, high-value products to market by 20% — and that’s only the beginning. By merging enEvolv’s powerful platform technology with our existing genome engineering, automation and machine learning capabilities, we will dramatically improve our ability to discover, design and commercialize breakthrough biologically-manufactured products.

Our metagenomic search space is vast — one of the largest databases on the planet. The enEvolv technology is orders of magnitude better than their closest competitors — able to search billions of engineered cells in a single day. Combining the technologies and talent of our two organizations accelerates our work and advances the pace of discovery like never before. We couldn’t be more excited about our future together. We spoke to John Cumbers and Kevin Costa from Forbes/SynBioBeta about the deal earlier this week, and you can read their article here.

L-R: Jay Konieczka (COO, Co-founder, enEvolv), George Church (Co-founder, enEvolv), Josh Hoffman (CEO, Zymergen), Colin South (CEO, enEvolv)

Beyond the power of our combined capabilities, the two companies share a common philosophy and mission to produce better performing, bio-based materials in a way that is faster, less expensive, more efficient and more sustainable. This is a union of two best-in-class companies that believe biological innovation can have a transformative effect on people’s lives and the world around us.

We’re thrilled to officially welcome the enEvolv team to Zymergen. This announcement is a significant milestone for both organizations. It validates our core belief that we can find a better way to make better materials, it strengthens our ecosystem, and most importantly, it helps drive growth and propel us to the next phase of our journey.