Apr 23, 2021

A thank you to those who invested in our future

With tremendous support from our early investors, our public launch begins a new phase of our journey and how we make tomorrow

Closing Bell on IPO Day

Zymergen’s leadership team and first employees celebrate the Nasdaq closing bell on our first day of public trading, made possible in part by the tremendous support of our early investors.

From the moment we conceived Zymergen eight years ago, we aspired to build a vibrant business with decades of global impact. Yesterday, we grew a little closer to that vision by launching a first-in-class biofacturing company into the public markets, one with a strong pipeline of products and a $1.5 trillion market in its sights.

But transforming product manufacturing is not something a single company can do — making tomorrow is the ultimate team sport. The Zymergen community — including our outstanding employees, partners, and leadership team — has been courageous, curious, and committed to our shared journey to make better products in a better way.

Here, in particular, We want to extend a special thank you to all of our investors — big and small — for believing in our vision and the future we imagine. Our early investors in particular each offered their own unique perspective to us as we built our business, but they share a few things in common:

  1. These investors brought real scientific and technical insight to our endeavor. They understand that joining information technology to advances in biology is a big opportunity for a whole new class of companies.
  2. Our early-stage investors take the long view on real transformative change. They understand that a manufacturing revolution doesn’t happen overnight.
  3. They share our commitment to improving the planet and society at large. They are at the forefront of investors who are standing for a lot more than just profits.

Our early investors — including some of our close family and friends — are too numerous to mention here. But they are supercharging our science and technology. They recognize that creating solutions to society’s biggest challenges is also one of the world’s greatest business opportunities.

We are humbled by the support of our early investors and everyone who has helped bring Zymergen to where it is today. And we would like to welcome our newest investors who joined the Zymergen community this week. We are thankful to have you on this journey with us to make tomorrow.