Apr 1, 2020

Reimagining Electronics with Breakthrough Bio-Fabricated Materials

by Josh Hoffman, CEO and Co-Founder

Earlier today we announced the release of HYALINE - a revolutionary new bio-fabricated film that we believe will completely transform the electronics industry. Developed in partnership with Sumitomo Chemical, the Hyaline products have been successfully tested in flexible circuits, display touch sensors and printable electronics. You can read the full announcement here.

As it turns out, making impossible new materials from biology is hard - and making and delivering new materials from biology at a commercial scale is even harder. But Zymergen has the capabilities and talent to move incredibly quickly from discovery to design to scale; and while we’ve been making steady progress on a number of new materials like Hyaline, we’ve been quiet about it. We are standing up a business and a culture that puts results and outcomes ahead of stories, and that means make it first, market it later. With today’s announcement of Hyaline, we aren’t just talking about ideas or roadmaps, we’re delivering an incredible new product to market that outperforms incumbent materials. It’s a better product, made a better way.

We founded Zymergen on the premise that nature is the best manufacturing partner, and we continue to push the boundaries of biofacturing with cutting edge materials and products across industries and categories. As I’ve said before, we are in the early days of the fourth industrial revolution, but I am incredibly proud of our ability to deliver proof that this revolution is real.