We collaborate with the world’s leading companies to bring transformative product innovation across a range of industries from agriculture to electronics to chemicals and beyond.

Some of our Collaborators

Eat Well, Live Well. Ajinomoto
Cargill. Helping the world thrive.
CJ Cheiljedang
Mitsubishi Chemical
Solvay. Progress Beyond.
Sumitomo Chemical
Toray. Innovation by Chemistry.

Sumitomo Chemical has been looking for a partner to expand the portfolio of films for the electronics space that meet the latest and future requirements of our customers. We are very happy to leverage the bioengineering capabilities from Zymergen to develop new products.

Mr. Isao Kurimoto, Executive Officer

Leveraging Zymergen’s vast molecular library – the largest metagenomic database in the world by a factor of ten – and deep expertise in synthetic biology, FMC will dramatically accelerate development of new and innovative crop protection products

Dr Kathleen Shelton, CTO


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