It’s our passion—and our potential—to come together as scientists, engineers, and professionals, using the best technology in the industry, to create world-changing products. Come make tomorrow with us.

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We are a diverse team of chemists, biologists, software developers, automation engineers, data scientists, supply chain experts, and many others. We love working together to create better products, a better way, for a better world. We are unafraid to take on the world’s toughest problems.

Headquartered in Emeryville, California, with offices in Cambridge, New York, Taipei, and Tokyo, and remote workers worldwide, we aim to catalyze an industrial revolution and a vibrant, sustainable future for all through biology. If you’re as thrilled as us about the possibilities of biology, then join us on an adventure in making the future.

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“We partner with nature to make better products, a better way, for a better world. It’s not just a career — it’s a calling.”

Zach Serber, Founder & Chief Science Officer

Zach Serber


Zach Serber
We are focused on growing a company where everyone has a sense of belonging and is operating at their full potential. We take an intentional, data-driven, action-oriented, and innovative approach to attract, engage, and develop a diverse, equitable, and inclusive community.

We live by the motto, “You can’t make tomorrow using yesterday’s ideas.” We need the diversity of humankind to be successful in creating never-before-imagined products and materials.


“We are a group of very dedicated people who believe in what we’re doing.”
– Deva Berman, Director of Workplace Services

Olivia Moore, Zymergen Technical Writer

Olivia Moore talks about connecting scientists via technical writing.

Kiyan at Zymergen, coding for microbes

Kiyan talks about the software that builds bio-based products — and the value of bringing your whole self to work.

Deva Berman, Director of Workplace Services

Deva lifts Zymergen culture to its full potential.


Our public benefit, as provided in our certificate of incorporation, is: to displace the petrochemicals that pollute the Planet by designing, developing, and commercializing bio-based materials that deliver better performance than existing products, at attractive costs. We make products with broad applications and global reach that are safer for the people who manufacture them, healthier for the people who use them and better for the environment. We aim to resolve the false choice between people and the planet, between profitability and sustainability.

That’s why we made Zymergen a public benefit corporation. We believe you can increase shareholder value through a business model whose foundation is environmental. Investors and other companies are catching on. More and more companies will follow our lead in saying we stand for a lot more than just profits.


  • Comprehensive health, vision, and dental insurance* 
  • Family-friendly and flexible work policies
  • 16 weeks paid parental leave
  • Paid volunteer days
  • Employee Stock Purchase Plan, 401k plan
  • Wellness resources and activities
  • Employee resource groups, activity, and community clubs
  • Opportunities for professional development and career mobility
  • Healthy catered meals; stocked snacks; and catered company happy hours
  • Commuter benefits


  • Automation Engineering
  • Business Development and Client Services
  • Chemistry and Biological Sciences
  • Corporate
  • Information Technology
  • Facilities and Lab Operations
  • Manufacturing and Supply Chain
  • Materials Science and Engineering
  • Process and Chemical Engineering
  • Product and Project Management
  • Software Engineering and Data Science


Harder problems, better consistency, faster results: the automation team’s fleet of machines and robots are where Zymergen’s science happens. Our work enables biologists, chemists, and materials scientists to make impossible experiments possible. Touching nearly every corner of the company, this diverse team houses biologists, programmers, mechanical and electrical designers, tech writers and trainers, equipment maintainers, and many other creative and multidisciplinary engineers.

Business Development
and Client Services

Standing at the forefront of our business pipeline, this team often works directly with the world’s most influential companies across a range of industries. Having a background in business, science, or both, team members creatively partner with customers to bring to market breakthrough products. We manage projects, identify problems, mitigate risks, and carry our story across internal teams, clients, and stakeholders.

Chemistry and
Biological Sciences

Scientists are at the creative core of Zymergen’s technology. Whether in the lab synthesizing a novel molecule, commercializing a new idea with business development, or designing a new experimental process with an automation engineer, this team’s technical, creative, and collaborative skills are called upon every day.

As the largest and most technically diverse department, we include fermentation scientists, microbiologists, organic and polymer chemists, molecular and synthetic biologists, metabolic engineers, and analytical chemists—united by our love of science and an unshakeable belief that together we can turn magic into reality.


(Finance, HR, Legal, Marketing, Admin)

The Zymergen community is full of life—this team’s goal is to cultivate and make it grow. The people we support are the world’s brightest, and the products we create are the world’s best. Our teams enable them to succeed. A diverse and dynamic team passionate about all things Zymergen, we always strive for improvement, never settle for the status quo, and inspire everyone in our company to realize their potential.


This team provides Zymergen with the technology tools and business intelligence to perform its best. We work to understand business needs and provide solutions, maintaining a sophisticated suite of enterprise applications integrated and in optimal form. Technology is integrated into every part of our business and is vital to our success. We equip our teams with the tools they need to re-invent the way products are built.

Facilities and
Lab Operations

With a diverse mix of labs and offices across multiple cities and locations, this team rises to the challenge to create inspiring work environments, a shared sense of culture, and innovation-sparking spaces. We are passionate about our company and compassionate for our employees’ well-being, fueled by the purpose of creating vibrant and collaborative spaces as unique as our products.

Manufacturing and
Supply Chain

This team’s work drives our products to market and improves the Zymergen platform, its inputs, and the products that follow. It takes independent thinking, a curiosity for cutting-edge bio-manufacturing, and exceptional collaboration skills to build supply chains for products never before made. We have a variety of industrial backgrounds, and our leadership has rich expertise in bringing products to market at the world’s most advanced manufacturing companies.

Materials Science
and Engineering

This team draws from the world’s biggest chemical catalog—nature—to create superior products and materials across agriculture, electronics, personal care, and beyond. We are motivated by a passion to create product breakthroughs that are better for business, people, and the planet by using novel building blocks inspired by nature.

Process and
Chemical Engineering

This team works with the most robust fermentation platform and scale-up processes in the world, applying their expertise to bio-manufacture the products of tomorrow. As every new material presents a different fermentation challenge, we dig into all parts of the development and manufacturing process, from plates at bench scale, to pilot and commercial scale. This team taps into data-based decision-making, leveraging new technologies to optimize workflows while building a culture of safety, respect, and excellence.

Product and
Project Management

This team sits at the center of our commercial and technical teams, driving the development of products that meet emerging market needs. We integrate science, technology, and business, and ensure programs and transitions run smoothly. We catalyze cross-functional teams to set goals, hit milestones, and to implement new technologies. Working hand in hand with our internal teams and external partners, we ensure everyone works as one to bring transformational products to market.

Software Engineering
and Data Science

These teams work together to solve new problems in new ways. Integrating programming skills, statistical expertise, bioinformatics knowledge, and a constant willingness to learn from each other, we develop custom solutions that fuel our science. From building infrastructure, developing novel tools and systems, or delivering data insights, this interdisciplinary team delivers solutions to our internal stakeholders of scientists and engineers. We look for people with strong computer science or math backgrounds and a passion for our science.

We consider staffing agencies to be valued partners in Zymergen’s recruiting process. To ensure successful collaboration with our recruiting partners, we have an established process for working with external recruiters and ask all agencies and individuals to follow the appropriate channels when working with us.

Submission of unsolicited resumes or candidate details in advance of a signed agreement between Zymergen and a recruiting agency does not create any obligation (including any implied obligation) on the part of Zymergen, and upon receipt of any such unsolicited submission Zymergen reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to contact any such candidates directly and will not be liable for, or be deemed to have incurred or agreed to payment of, any placement or other fees or commissions.

* The link below leads to the machine-readable files that are made available in response to the federal Transparency in Coverage Rule and includes negotiated service rates and out-of-network allowed amounts between health plans and healthcare providers. The machine readable files are formatted to allow researchers, regulators, and application developers to more easily access and analyze data.

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