We Make Tomorrow

We are biofacturers. Biofacturing is the use of biology as both a design inspiration and a manufacturing technology for the next generation of materials and products.

We partner with nature to make breakthrough products that couldn’t be made any other way. A rollable display for tablets. Safe and effective insect repellent. A green alternative to nitrogen fertilizers.

We believe that biofacturing is inevitable. And we’re building a better future with it.

Our Vision

Better products, made more sustainably, will make a better world.

Our Story

  • Founded in 2013
    By Jed Dean, Josh Hoffman, and Zach Serber
  • HQ Opened in Emeryville, CA
    with offices later established in Boise, Boston, Seattle, Taipei, and Tokyo
  • Metagenomic library established
    with 6 billion data points
  • World Economic Forum Tech Pioneer
    Named one of 44 Lighthouse companies worldwide re-inventing manufacturing
  • Proprietary software language developed
    to translate design ideas into platform instructions
  • 14 patents issued
    in our comprehensive IP portfolio
Map of Zymergen Offices Worldwide

Our Values

It’s not just what we do, but how we do it. These are the values that drive our ambition and define our approach.

  • Commercial Focus

  • Innovation

  • Learning

  • Speed

  • Communication

  • Team 

  • Diversity

  • Shared Commitment

  • Courage

  • Respect & Responsibility

Image showing Zymergen Values

Our Commitment to DEI

We believe that Zymergen is a place where human diversity and molecular diversity meet to make tomorrow.

At Zymergen, we need the diversity of humankind to be successful in creating never-before imagined products and materials. We take an intentional, data-driven, action-oriented, and innovative approach to attract, engage, and develop a diverse, equitable, and inclusive community.

We are building a company where every Zymergite has a sense of belonging and is operating at their full potential.

We live by the motto, “You can’t make tomorrow using yesterday’s ideas.”

Our People

With 760 employees globally, our team includes some of the world’s best biologists, chemists, engineers and machine-learning experts—all on a shared mission to make biofacturing the norm.

Meet Amelia Taylor, math professor turned data scientist. In this employee spotlight, Amelia shares how innovative data science is fueling innovation at Zymergen.

Careers @ Zymergen

We are scientists, engineers, and entrepreneurs, all working together to build the products of tomorrow. Join us.

Fermentation bioreactors
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