We Make Tomorrow

Biology is both a design inspiration and a manufacturing technology for the next generation of materials and products. At Zymergen, we partner with nature to make breakthroughs in manufacturing, electronics, agriculture, healthcare, and more.

Our discovery platform unlocks natural solutions to our biggest needs. Better medicines. Advanced materials. A robust, sustainable food supply. We are working to make tomorrow a better place, and we are excited about the possibilities.

Our Vision

We partner with nature to make better products, a better way, for a better world.

At A Glance

  • Founded on Earth Day in 2013
  • Headquartered in Emeryville, California, with offices in Cambridge, New York, Taipei, and Tokyo, and remote workers worldwide
  • Named a Tech Pioneer by the World Economic Forum for re-inventing manufacturing in 2017
  • 98 patents issued in our comprehensive IP portfolio
  • Metagenomic library established with 6 billion data points
  • Became a public company on Earth Day 2021


Zymergen is a mash-up of three terms: zymurgy (study of fermentation) + merge + genomics.
The word ‘merge’ is included because we bring together diverse technical disciplines: life sciences, chemistry, materials science, automation, electronics, healthcare, agriculture, etc.


We reject the false choice between people and the planet, between profitability and sustainability.

We are a public benefit corporation whose mission is to displace the petrochemicals that pollute the Planet by designing, developing, and commercializing bio-based materials that deliver better performance than existing products, at attractive costs. We aim to make products with broad applications and global reach that are safer for the people who manufacture them, healthier for the people who use them and better for the environment.

We believe you can increase shareholder value through a business model whose foundation is environmental. Investors and other companies are catching on. More and more companies will follow our lead in saying we stand for a lot more than just profits.


We are a diverse team of chemists, biologists, software developers, automation engineers, data scientists, supply chain experts, and many others who love working together to create innovative, bio-inspired solutions. Here we spotlight a few of the bright stars in our community.

Olivia Moore, Zymergen Technical Writer

Olivia Moore talks about connecting scientists via technical writing.

Kiyan at Zymergen, coding for microbes

Kiyan Ahmadizadeh talks about the software that builds bio-based products — and the value of bringing your whole self to work.

Deva Berman, Director of Workplace Services

Deva lifts Zymergen culture to its full potential.

Join US

If you’re as thrilled as we are about the possibilities of biology, then join us on an adventure in making the future. 

A Zymergen employee working with fermentation bioreactors
Photo of inside Zymergen headquarters showing a modern, brightly lit staircase and work areas.
Zymergen employees gathered around a laptop laughing