We partner with nature to make better products, a better way, for a better world.

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Partnering with nature

Our material world is built with a half-dozen petroleum building blocks. But nature provides a broader, more sustainable palette. 

We partner with nature to design and produce molecules, microbes, and materials that can enable customers to create new products faster, cheaper, and greener than ever before.

From high performing 3D printing material to less polluting fertilizers, water repellent paper treatments to mRNA enzymes, nature helps us make it possible. And it’s how we make the products of tomorrow.

Advanced Materials for Tomorrow’s Products

Zymergen is equipped to deliver solutions across a broad range of industries today. And we believe it will enable breakthrough materials in medicine, transportation, construction, and more tomorrow.

Additive Manufacturing

Materials of tomorrow are here

A new generation of lightweight, high-performing materials has the potential to provide a leap forward in aerospace, automotive, transportation, and more. We look to nature to unlock breakthrough performance products and better ways to manufacture them.

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The future – and footprint – of food

Crop production needs to double by 2050 to feed the growing global population, and our farmers need effective and economical solutions to overcome challenges naturally and sustainably. We are developing naturally occurring products to both enhance nutrient use and protect crops from pests and ever-evolving challenges—in a way that’s better for growers and the environment.

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Better technology begins with better biology

Electronics evolve rapidly, demanding materials with higher performance at competitive costs. We are developing polymers that can be made into new types of bio-based polyimide films, unlocking innovations for manufacturers of electronic devices and more.

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Healthcare Materials

Speeding high-tech healthcare materials to market

The pandemic has shown us how millions of lives and hospitalizations can be saved by quickly getting vaccines to market. We’re making the key enzymes needed for a new generation of mRNA vaccines, and that’s just the beginning.

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No-guilt packaging for a better food experience

Food packaging is moving toward more biodegradable, recyclable paper materials as the world confronts its growing plastic waste problem. We’re working on bio-inspired solutions for paper food packaging that are not just greener, but also aim to perform better than yesterday’s paper straws.

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From our Partners

Sumitomo Chemical has been looking for a partner to expand the portfolio of films for the electronics space that meet the latest and future requirements of our customers. We are very happy to leverage the bioengineering capabilities from Zymergen to develop new products.

Mr. Isao Kurimoto, Executive Officer

Leveraging Zymergen’s vast molecular library – the largest metagenomic database in the world by a factor of ten – and deep expertise in synthetic biology, FMC will dramatically accelerate development of new and innovative crop protection products

Dr Kathleen Shelton, CTO

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